Wednesday, September 30


"Act like a vehicle and get treated like a vehicle" is one of the things you get taught in bicycle school. I think, however, my instructors didn't have THIS in mind. On Colleyville Terrace, in Colleyville, apparently  they've had scofflaw motorists conducting their vehicles faster than the 30mph that is deemed proper for this residential connector street.

For the last week and a half, the Colleyville PD had a radar trailer set up to advise those of us that were westbound, just how fast we were going. Before bicycle class, I'd typically clock somewhere between 18 and 22mph (it's slightly downhill - remember, I'm an old "stocky" guy, even if I sometimes ride as if I were six when mud puddles are around). This week, full of inspiration, I decided to post red numbers. Yesterday, I clocked 33mph through the gun. "But Officer, I was just keeping up with the rest of traffic and, besides, would a judge really believe a cyclist was speeding?" Win or lose, I'd frame the ticket for comfort in my dotage. And yes, I DID do a full stop at the sign on the other side of the trailer, complete with a proper, if awkward, stop signal, followed by the RT signal with the other arm. I know this sounds a little contradictory, but I figure that motorists won't hold speeding against a cyclist, while they WILL hold failing to signal against one. Go figure.

Today, I decided to take a picture of the radar readout. I thought the old legs might have another 2mph in them. Normally, I don't take pictures while on a moving bike, but this was such an inoffensive street that I decided to make an exception. Darn, those pesky Colleyville Police moved the radar trailer. Chalk it up to the Jaguar cars influence. I plead guilty. I'm just bad, and I didn't even get a readout photo. As I tell my wife (on rare occasions), "What do you expect, I'm just the idiot my wife married. What's YOUR excuse?"


Chandra said...

I will take a couple of these and put'em up on Riverside and one on VR Parkway headed towards 635 :)

Serious, I wish Irving Police would do it. They could be writing so many tickets, raising money for those hard working policemen.

Peace :)

Steve A said...

Giving out speeding tickets to cyclists?

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