Tuesday, September 29

Ride Brave

Edmund Ross, Senator, whose courageous vote acquitted
Andrew Johnson of impeachment charges

Chandra made me cry today, with a comment he made on his blog, shown here. What got to me was his hope that the cyclist rode bravely on the street. In truth, it was Chandra that rode bravely, though I'm not sure he realized it. There are two kinds of courage; physical and moral. The first kind, in my opinion is rarely needed in road cycling. It's not really much different than learning to swim - ducking under the water is scary at first, but it's no big deal once you learn how.

The second kind of courage is shown by doing what is right, the right way, despite the knowledge that society finds your views crazy. I think Chandra showed the second kind of courage as he rode, sensing tension in the traffic due to his mere presence, as he remembered another cyclist recently hit. I wish I could have ridden down Riverside with Chandra this morning, because I'll bet he was feeling real alone at that moment.


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Chandra said...

Thanks so much for your kind sentiments. I did NOT ride Riverside today, I chickened out or chose an alternate route.
Peace :)

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