Thursday, September 24

Returning Inspiration Back to Rantwick

Don't play the video unless you happen to BE Rantwick or other person with the Queen as your Sovereign. I have to admit those Frenchies can be even more amusing than their North American cousins...

Hey, what can I say, Jaguar used to race as well! For the more serious version, complete with the words Rantwick claims not to remember, there's also the video below:

I noticed they also have various versions of "Oh Canada," but I'm sure that we'll see one or another on the "Rantwick, Eh" blog someday. Maybe on July 1st, in celebration of my Mom's birthday.


Rantwick said...

That Renault thing was cool! I hate to wreck your impression of me, but I don't even know all the words to God Save the Queen... O Canada has been around for a while now.

As for posting O Canada on my site, there's already one version from last July 1, but I'll use a new one next July in honour of Steve's Mom.

Steve A said...

That's why I included the second video. It has the words printed so you can sing along.

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