Wednesday, September 23

Solutions for Commuter Envy

Photo from The State Library of NSW
For those suffering from "Golly, maybe I ought to move further away from work" syndrome to get more bike time, here are some solutions that avoid the time wasting activity of actually packing and moving:
  • Arrange to conveniently "forget" something at work or home, adding another round trip
  • Find a Starbucks you are particularly fond of, necessitating a major detour to include it on your route to/from work
  • Do a "on the way home from work Starbucks tour" to make it to every Starbucks and other coffee shop in your metropolitan area
  • Make up rules such as "no riding on streets that start with an even number" or "no riding on streets that are named after people"
  • Make a point of making a shopping stop on the way home. Do some price comparison shopping via riding to different locales
  • Just go somewhere different every day on the way home from work
  • I imagine y'all can come up with others now that the theme has been set...

Trust me, living further from work is not a major cycling advantage, though it does impress the uninformed when, in response to an innocent inquiry, you tell them how far you ride. It doesn't occur to them that you don't have to feel guilty about not going to the gym to work out.


rab said...

One of my favorite ways to lengthen a work commute:

1) Get up late
2) Run around in a panic trying to get out in time (this can help lead in to the "forget something" mentioned above)
3) The most critical part of the process--Decide now is the time to check out that shortcut you have pondered before.

If executed correctly, this can increase your commute distance and time by signifcant factors, although perhaps not in the desired fashion.

Rantwick said...

rab - are you me? I often find ways to stretch out my return commute, but the morning dash is what it is.

Rantwick said...

Steve - please tell me my comment on a recent post inspired you to write that. It would be the first time I have inspired anyone.

ChipSeal said...

Dear Rantwick, you are a great source of inspiration to a great many people- whether I... er, they admit it or not!

Steve A said...

Chip & me make at least two. Golly, I feel a verse of "God Save the..." coming on.

Doohickie said...

I'm another one that usually takes the shortest route to work, then meanders home.

Good to see you out and about on the blogs, rab.

rab said...

Rantwick - we could be related in some cosmic way perhaps. I am nearing master level at taking something conceivably quite simple and complicating it to the nth degree.
Quite often it starts with a seemingly simple idea and ends in a mad dash of some form.

Nice to be out blogging, guess the shorter days are good for something!

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