Thursday, October 8

Panther City

Fort Worth is sometimes known as "the Panther City." How did it come by that moniker? Dallas came up with it! The story is here, here, here, here, and a bunch of other places


twister said...

How did Deep Ellum come by Deep Ellum?

PM Summer said...

twister said...

"How did Deep Ellum come by Deep Ellum?"

It was "lower" Elm Street, the Swiss/German business district (Rudolh's Meat market being the last surviving Kraut business there today). The Heinies were very tolerant of Blacks, and catered to their business. African-Americans soon established their own businesses along lower Elm Street... hence "Deep" Elm (or "Ellum") Street.

twister said...

hmmm...i thought is was from the way African-Americans were known to pronounce Elm St in the twenties and thirties...Ellum. the mispronunciation stuck. Paging John Singleton, there's a movie for you.

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