Tuesday, October 6

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Steve in high vis jersey with disguise over it.
Those look like earphone cords, but they might
be secret spy recording devices. Shh!

Monday it was cold. It was also a bit wet. I wore moisture-wicking stuff so I wouldn't stay wet. I wore a "high vis" jersey because it was a bit foggy.

I thought I was gonna freeze. It had to be UNDER 60!

On the way home, I thought I'd smarten up and wear a work shirt over my jersey to keep the wind away. It had warmed up to the upper 60's.

Linen long-sleeved shirts are not well suited to use as cycling windbreakers. They might be better than nothing, but the baristas at Starbucks wondered if I might be attempting to disguise myself in civilian clothes.

No such luck. Just trying not to get too cold. As it turned out, the shirt kept me clammy in addition to not being much in the warming up department. I DID get a shirt home for the laundry. Perhaps instead of a trunk, I could simply wear a half dozen at a time? Didn't think so.

Actually, now that I think about it, I can claim I was doing secret research to see if shirt choice would influence motorist behavior. I can't say it made them honking mad since nobody honked. It didn't make them attack me like hungry wolves, either. Come to think about it, it mainly made me feel a little dorky and I'm not sure the motorists noticed my fashion efforts at all.

The baristas thought Steve's outfit was peculiar!
They were, however, very polite. This is a prime location
for posting comments on other blogs. Pay no attention to that man
cackling over at the table!


Rat Trap Press said...

That doesn't look too bad. You should keep your eyes open for the classic Mr. Rogers style wool sweaters. I picked one up from Eddie Bauer on sale for $15 (if I remember correctly). They're great for riding in although they also look kind of dorky.

Filigree said...

That is a nice looking shirt, though it is certainly true that wet linen will not keep you warm.

After a frustrating 30 mile ride yesterday, I am ready to start a major hunt for some proper cycling clothes. I wore a long-sleeve cotton T-shirt with a down vest over it when we started out in the afternoon, and within a half hour I became hellishly, "get-it-off-me" warm, despite the cool temperatures. I removed the vest and stuffed it into my cycling bag. My long-sleeve T was soaking wet, which did not feel too great as I continued to cycle in the wind. But I couldn't put the vest back on, because then I'd immediately overheat again. Finally, on the way back, the weather turned colder and I was able to wear the vest... But wait - now even with the vest it was too cold!

Okay, so there, I give in. Fall bike shop sales, here I come to look for cycling clothes. But you better make them pretty!

Steve A said...

I'm thinking Merino wool. I see them on eBay, though nowhere local yet.

Filigree said...

Yes, I am thinking long sleeve crew neck + short sleeve T from Rivendell and layer them (long sleeve first, then short sleeve over that). Plus a wool sportsbra (sorry if too graphic) from Ibex. Man, cycling clothes are expensive though!

Steve A said...

I will be expecting a "wool report" should you score good stuff before me. I'll do the same if I manage to "scoop" the "Lovely" crowd.

Cost IS a factor. Basically, though I hate to admit it, I'm cheap. Rivendell seems pricier for cycling clothes than I'm likely to spring for.

Maybe it comes from two kids in college at the same time. At least it's a good excuse.

m e l i g r o s a said...

this is hilarious! coffee yes, you got my attention!

and yes, wool is your best friend. heat, temperature, sweat, quick dry, smell, you name it - wool/merino can do it :D

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