Thursday, October 22

Seven Long Miles

Seven Long Miles and Almost Home
Photograph by Steve

Today, RatTrapPress forwarded the following email:

Hey there... this is dogwoodlane,
I saw where the Alliance for Biking and Walking is having a photo contest in order to build there
<sic, I just copied & pasted this>
photo galleries and you guys came to mind. The prize is a trip to Tuscany, so you know, worth a shot!
cheers, Sally

Based on my experience, here, my first question was whether they're talking Tuscany, as in the province of the COUNTRY Italy or Tuscany, as in a subdivision of
 Italy, Texas. However, I put aside my cynical tendencies to propose the photo at the left. As an engineer, attempting to emulate an artsy fartsy type, I'll title it "Seven Long Miles and Almost Home" and enter it in the "walking" category. It's important for potential bike/walk people to realize that if you start out biking, you pretty almost always have the option to continue by walking, but if you start out by walking and those feet go out, you're SOL.

You can figure it all out by deciphering the following:
Life's slow when the family has left on vacation, you went to downtown Dallas, you didn't bring along any spare tubes or a pump, you have a blow out due to not using "hook bead" rims, and it's too nice a day to call friends to come and collect you - especially since you know they'll give you a hard time the whole way home anyway. Yup, I've got my "walking" entry. Submitted it tonight...

Hopefully, Lizzylou feels better about her batteries. Sometimes our advice is based on dumb stuff we got caught on ourselves!

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