Monday, November 2

Doing Our Best

Keller, Texas MUP, showing why it's worth riding, this time of year.

North Texas isn't noted for fall color. We just don't have the Maple trees that beautify the New England States and some of the eastern Canadian Provinces. Our Oak trees just sort of turn a mud brown and the leaves fall off, leaving the trees looking dead. Nor do we have the palm trees and long daylight hours that our friends living south of the 31st parallel enjoy. We've got no snow skiing resorts (he sheds a tear, here). We've only got, as far as I know, one custom frame maker in Dallas.

Still, sometimes it's not so bad around here. We're getting more daylight than the frozen northlands and we're getting more fall color and less humidity than Alligatorland. As the guy at the gym said to me, just the other day, "you know, except for the ocean and the beach, it's just like San Diego today!"

Besides, how many of y'all outside Texas know the pledge to the Texas flag? I have to admit, the place grows on you a bit after a while.

More of the trees along the Keller, Texas MUP, in the late afternoon, looking brighter than in real life.

PS: Yes, the bike lanes in Keller are just as nice as those in Bedford, though sadly enough, Keller seems to favor the Bott's Dot approach over the safer dashed line convention favored by Bedford.


Rantwick said...

Those are some nice lookin' trees... they may not be Maples, but they look pretty good to me. Here in London, 90% of the leaves are already on the ground.

Rat Trap Press said...

Great timing on the photos. The late afternoon sun really brings out the colors. Very nice.

Steve A said...

We need someone around here to go shoot at Lost Maples State Park. It is a Texas State Secret Weapon in the Fall Color Wars!

Chandra said...

Your pictures are beautiful! They should make a Texan (and those living in TX :) ) real proud !!

Peace :)

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