Tuesday, November 3

Stop and Smell the Roses

Red roses in Keller, Texas, November 3, 2009
No, there were no yellow Texas roses today

I was inspired this morning. Usually, my rides to and from work focus on speed (by my rather meager standards) rather than just getting off the bike and looking (or walking around). Well, at least other than sometimes stopping at Starbucks on the final leg of the trip home.

But I was inspired by a plethora of posts, at BikeSkirt, Let's Go Ride a Bike, and  Lovely Bicycle (strictly alphabetical). So I resolved to find somewhere to stop on the way home and walk around a little bit. I know that getting off a bike and actually walking IS, in theory, possible (actually, if you get a flat, it's more than just theory). Chandra, ChipSeal, and I did it on the BABBLE ride, though I must say that ChipSeal looked a little like a seal attempting mountain climbing.

Anyway, my head filled with possible titles for this post. "Pull Over to the Side of the Road and Walk Away From the Bicycle" was one favorite. "Just Stop Cycling" was another.

Good intentions aside, I quickly concluded this walking stuff was highly overrated compared with making time before sunset. Still, a little influence from the above referenced "stop and look around or go for a walk" posts remained when I saw roses right alongside my route. Yes, roses, in early November. Quite a few of them, as you can see in the photo. I'll bet they've got nothing like this nowadays up in the frozen north!

So, ladies & gentlemen, I might not have actually gotten off the bike and gone for a leisurely walk, but I DID stop. I may be a cycling addict, but redemption might just be possible for us all. Proof that I actually got OFF the bike, if only for an instant, may be found below...
Buddy at rest

PS: Take a good look at Buddy - its next photo will show it stripped down for play action. Cyclocross!


Filigree said...

Nice roses! You know, you'd be a lot more likely to stop and check out the scenery if you had a nice upright bicycle. You could also dress in tails and photograph yourself amidst said scenery. Just think of the delight this would bring to the ladies!

I am so with you on stopping for coffee during the last leg of a trip home!

Steve A said...

I will take your suggestion under advisement. I did find myself more inclined to check out the scenery when I was riding my dad's beach cruiser while on vacation. I'd have to dig up a camera with a timer to photograph myself in tails. Perhaps my eldest daughter will oblige, though if it's this weekend, it'll likely be that the "tails" will be tails of mud.

Keep in mind that if you forgo some of the scenery stops, you have more time to savor the coffee and still make it home at the same time. It's a tradeoff that rightfully will change from day to day.

ChipSeal said...

Filigree, having seen Steve travel about on a bicycle with my own eyes, and so I can faithfully report that Steve is quite a dashing figure even without tails. (Although his arm signals seem kind of weird!)

Come to think of it, he is always ready with tales!

ChipSeal said...

Remember Steve, plan your race and race your plan! Tell this to everyone until the start of your race. No matter what happens during the race, that will be what you say you planned.

For example; "No I wasn't dropped off the back, I just missed the breakaway. I made no plans to be a part of a breakaway group. I was racing my plan."

Best of luck and best wishes tomorrow!

Steve A said...

I will try to remember that. It sounds like I'm not totally clueless.

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