Friday, January 22

More Police on Bicycles

THIS is a very interesting article about the problems and opportunities of police work from a bicycle. How many of YOU know how to ride your bike UP stairs? I think I'll borrow my daughter's bike to try it. Yup, this is Florida breaking new ground once again...

I'll cogitate over my "Mr Poopy Head" post for a bit.

I would LOVE to be able to take some of THOSE courses. Since there's not much chance, I'd LOVE to hear a report from someone eligible. Rat Trap? I suspect the course kicks butt compared to what's offered to us mere civilians.


Rat Trap Press said...

Our agency recently started a bike unit to patrol the capitol. I'll do some checking for you.

Keri said...

OPD is hosting a week-long bike patrol training in February. Bill is allowing me to sit in. I hope they let me participate in the drills (will depend on the number of students and instructor workload). But I will be riding on the road with them to shoot video (they ride across town for lunch every day, using arterial roads). I need to find a mountain bike. I totally want to learn to ride up stairs! All of my skills are road skills, I've only ridden a mountain bike a couple times.

I'll report :-)

Steve A said...

Keri, you need to find out something else as well. WHAT is the best course of action for YOU in your last honking video short of having your own personal officer along or attempting to impersonate one. I think I saw actions that went beyond the uniform in that video and would love to see that element expanded. As you say, the honking gets a little old at times, even if one makes light of it.

Keri said...


I'll ask him. It's a good question. Perhaps I'll ask George to present it to out officer advisory panel. That might be interesting.

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