Saturday, January 23

Yeti Are Like Chupacabras

The problem with Yeti is that they usually turn out similar to Chupacabra sightings. Chupacabras are another semi-mythical creature that are often sighted in Texas. Invariably, such sightings and occasional carcasses turn out to be mangy coyotes or hairless raccoons.

Just moments ago, I thought we might have seen a Yeti. Here's the exchange:

  • Daughter Erin at 5:38PM (only 10 minutes ago): Just saw a yeti
  • Me: Get video or pictures!
  • Me: We need proof.
  • Daughter Erin: Well unfortunately he was on the sidewalk
  • Me: Yeti don't do sidewalks
  • Daughter Erin: Well ones on foot do
  • Me: Stop and get evidence. We'll be famous!
  • Daughter Erin: I need one of those cop video cameras mounted on my dash.

POSTSCRIPT: Daughter Erin just came in. It's 5:55PM. She told me it was a REAL Yeti, as in the furry kind. It was on Cheek Sparger Road, a road I ride every day on my bike commute. No bike was involved. She elaborated, noting he (we can't be sure of the gender) had tennis shoes on, was waving at cars as they drove by, and was headed in the general direction of Wal Mart. In common with other Yeti, some cars were honking as they went by. This sighting has some real credibility, though this Yeti, as in other cases, vanished before the camera could be brought into play. After all, Yeti are seen MUCH more often than true cyclaris vehicularis most places.

MORE POSTSCRIPT: Daughter Erin DID get a photo, but because it was poor, she DELETED IT!!!!!!!! Photoshop can do wonders to bring these things back. Crimeny, we had evidence that got deleted. Oh well, it wasn't the kind of Yeti we're really looking for on this blog anyway...


Rantwick said...

I keep seeing possible Yetis who ride VC long enough for me to notice, then do something like take to the sidewalk.

I would like to repeat my promise to hand over any and all Yeti video I capture, should it ever happen, without comment on my blog. This is your baby.

Anonymous said...

there isnt mythical creatures if you see them their real did you know mythical means fake if you see it with your own two eyes it's not fake it's real sostop calling it mythical

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