Friday, January 1

Utility Cyclist

Photo taken by Praktica film camera
in May, 1986. Scanned in 2010

Seen in the West of Ireland, near Shannon, by Steve. It's just the handy thing to ride home after dropping the cows off for the night. I'd like to see you do THIS in a car!

Note the step-through frame. You'll also note that this cyclist is obstructing traffic. I don't recall if any bulls were in the herd, but I doubt any following motorist would be inclined to honk at him.


Keri said...

I love that!

Steve A said...

It gets better. I have a photo of a Scottish Yeti!

Filigree said...

Very nice! Do they use mountain bikes for sheep herding?..

twister said...

Is Yeti wool warm? Inquiring minds would like to know? =)

Steve A said...

I've heard Yeti wool is very warm and comforting.

Steve A said...

I think they use mountain bikes to herd mountain goats.

Chandra said...

Yeti wool must be very warm. There was some talk about that on Rick Steve's program on NPR today.

Nice photo Steve, very cool! While I do not have any with me, I am sure you can find similar photos of Indian cow herders!

Peace :)

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