Monday, February 15

Genuine Article?

Yesterday, we had an expedition zooming all over Ellis County in a hunt for Yeti. Nothing. There were not even any reports received by the Ennis PD.

Rantwick, on the other hand, despite having the capabilities to manufacture a Yeti video out of nothing more than electronic scraps, may have seen one - and even made a recording! Certainly, it's at least a "half breed." Had I not seen the last ten seconds, and also noticed some odd "haze" that occasionally appeared around Rantwick's quarry, even that skepticism might have vanished. On the other hand, I get somewhat paranoid myself when a motorist passes me for the fifth or sixth time.
More on Yeti, and this Drawing, Here
There's a little added twist to Rantwick's video. Frozen landscapes such as Canada are legendary for their reputed large populations of things like the Abominable Snowman. Rantwick is very clever, but is even he clever enough to add the twist of the cyclist pulling over with everyone else when an ambulance passes by? You can't make stuff like that up, can you?

Of course, this WAS Ontario, so it might have been just a badly disoriented Quebecois. Unfortuntately, there was no audio so we'll never know if he was babbling in French.

I imagine that, while he's momentarily consumed by his scientific researches, Rantwick will eventually succumb to adding soundtracks and cute artwork that will have all of us tremendously amused. Still, Banting and Best were from Canada, too. Dr Rantwick, I presume?

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Rantwick said...

Steve - I agree that the cyclist may be some sort of Yeti / Human hybrid, which is pretty freaky.

I have a deep respect for Science, so when it comes to this important Yeti work, I don't feel that my usual treatment does it justice. Instead, I've simply posted the raw file I originally only sent you here.

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