Monday, February 15

Scarlet Pimpernel

ChipSeal is the Only One in "Scarlet" in This Photo
They seek him here.
They seek him there.
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
Is he in Heaven?
Or is he in Hell?
That damned, elusive, pimpernel.

We shall see what develops! I think, for better or worse, ChipSeal's got his plans laid, and let us hope for the better.

The jury selection will commence at 5:30 PM Tuesday February 16, and the trial will be held immediately following.
The courtroom will be inside this building near the corner of Dallas Street and Brown Street in downtown Ennis. From I-45 go west from exit 251 on Ennis Avenue. Turn left at the second streetlight after you cross the railroad tracks. It's across the street from the Brown Street Cafe.


Keri said...

Are you going to blog from there to keep us posted?

Steve A said...

I won't promise any photos!

Oldfool said...

What ever the outcome the world (at least a small part) is going to hear of this.

ChipSeal said...

Actually, it is across the street from the "Kolach Bakery Cafe" which closes at two every afternoon. -MOE

Steve A said...

Guilty on each count. :-(

Keri said...

Now what?

Steve A said...

Chip's getting fed at Whataburger. We'll figure out something.

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