Sunday, February 7

Giving Up

PB Front Fender with SKS Hardware
All I Will Need Are a Couple More

Bolts from the LBS
Sometimes, one just gives up. Such is the case with fenders for Buddy. After much fiddling with the Planet Bike SpeedEZ fenders, I concluded that just bolting the sumbitches on would be no more trouble than the "quick and easy" bungee approach. After all, Buddy DOES have eyelets which was one purchase consideration.

Experiencing this epiphany, I sheepishly went to my LBS yesterday, slightly wiser, and got their newly arrived SKS fenders.

Now, in case you have a bias against PB stuff, let me say that the SKS stuff didn't fit without a goodly complement of nonstandard parts, and I think I still have at least one trip back to the LBS for longer front stay bolts so the "breakaway" stays will work as designed.

Right now, I have a PB front fender, using SKS stays, and a SKS rear fender using SKS stays and PB stay caps. I surely hope all this mix will not cause galvanic reactions!

It's amazing how well all this stuff goes together if you get enough parts the makers didn't intend. What's more, it's amazing how well a PB front fender coordinates with a SKS rear. OTOH, SKS stays are bigger than PB stays, so there's a limit to the mix & match...

SKS Logo that Came With the New Fenders
At Least it was Discreet Before I Peeled it off
the Rear Fender

The New Rear Fender
Lacks a Mud Flap but Who Cares?
FWIW, I'm thinking of a high vis sticker for that rear fender. Something along the lines of "if you can read this, you're following too close."


Chandra said...

@steve --- i glue old value stem caps to the fender stays so they don't scratch me. the ones that SKS supplied fell off as them wasn't glued to the stay well.

with fenders, perhaps, improvisation is the name of the game.

peace :)

Big Oak said...

Glad to see you have gotten it figured out. I used the narrower sized, regular-fit PB bike fenders on my bike (which don't fit with studded tires). They worked fine, except after 1 spring and 1/2 the summer, the front fender cracked apart. The rear fender is still whole, but have taken it off for now.

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