Monday, February 8

You GO BOE 2!

Today, the 747-8 Intercontinenal flew for the first time. It's lucky for me, because it saves me from a post I've been considering about a deep dark subculture of the cycling world that Lizzylou inadvertently unveiled when she talked about hair removal. The mystery deepened when I read more about subcultures of the cyclocross subculture in my cyclocross book I got for Christmas.

On a lighter note, maybe there's still a bit of life in the old "Lazy B" yet.

The 747 is still the Queen of the Skies in my book. This day's for you, and all the "Incredibles!"

First Flight of the Boeing 747-8
February 8, 2010


Eliot Landrum said...

Boeing is having a really fantastic 2010 so far!

Oldfool said...

The real Queen of the Jets is the Boeing 707. I flew those. I only flew as a passenger in a 747 once and that was enough. It was like walking into a giant theater with hundreds of people in one city and walking out in another city that looked just like the one I left. Never again.
But then I don't like crowds. Crowds = more than three.
I have to admit I got that old feeling when it disappeared into the overcast. Having been there I know exactly how it feels.
Thanks for the rush.

Steve A said...

I don't remember ever flying in a 707, but I did fly in a DC-8 and in a KC-135. I can understand your feeling about the 747 being so big, but it's not the same when you've been inside a hundred or more as they're put together. Each aircraft is put together by a small team that, for the most part, take strong pride in what they do.

As the graffiti said on the first 747-400 Freighter that went together: "Build it Strong, Build it Proud, Don't Let Airbus Find Out How."

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