Saturday, February 13

Inspiration and Fear

I'm a student of history. One great enigma to me is Admiral Sir John Fisher. You've probably never heard of him, but many would argue he is the greatest Admiral in British Naval history. That is a strong claim, given people such as Raleigh and Nelson.

He was an advocate. But he was also the wrong age. For the most part, his career was spent in peace. A peacetime Admiral is not remembered as a Nelson is.

Still, he drove the first modern battleship through to completion. HMS Dreadnought. It instantly made every other ship obsolete. Under his leadership, destroyers were brought into service. Under his leadership, the British Navy built "first" and "better." The British Navy changed over from coal to oil. He forsaw submarines as the game changer they became. He ruthlessly got rid of obsolete ships, actually REDUCING RN expenditures.

At the end of Jackie's career came the Great War. While he played some part in it, the victory he earned was left to younger men.

A great advocate. My inspiration and my fear. As he said, "Fear God and dread nought." Too bad he wasn't a bike advocate. We need such as him...

Chip, listen. lyrics.

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Velouria said...

Thanks for the history lesson.

HMS Dreadnought sounds like a good name for a bike : )

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