Saturday, February 13


Parking Lot Occupancy has Fallen a LOT in Two Weeks
In Resolutions Doomed to Failure, posted a mere two weeks ago, I marveled at how crowded the gym parking lot was, with the same view as above full to overflowing. Two weeks later, things are more or less back to normal. Perhaps people are staying at home, off the road so as to not present a hazard to others. Yeah, that MUST be it. Or perhaps they have become afraid to enter parking lots in a misguided notion to mollify Rantwick's Mom, forgetting that she said it was OK to go into a parking lot if you were patronizing the establishment therein.

Similarly, the bicycle population is down to a single bike. Kermit said there is NO TRUTH to the Doohickie rumor that Frankenbike has scared any potential Cervelos away. It seems, to me, however, that it takes a lot of moxie for someone that takes pride in rescuing bikes from trash bins, as Doohickie does, to snipe at a TRUE BRITISH CLASSIC. Perhaps there was just a TOUCH of the tongue in the cheek? You'll note there is not a single Schwinn at that rack. Perhaps they are all holed up with their Spandex-clad cousins. Sissy bikes!

Bike Rack is Down to a Single Occupant
Unlike Sissy Bikes, the English are Not Made of Sugar Candy

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