Thursday, February 11

John Henry

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In the original story, John Henry was a steel drivin' man who took up against a steam hammer on the railroad to see if man or machine was best. The legend is recounted here (and many other places) for those that don't know it.

I don't ride my bike to work because its quicker than a car, or because it's cheaper. I do it because it's a way I can make a long trip under human power and derive satisfaction from doing so. On days I commute by bike, the high point is usually when I first see my work location appear as I crest the last ridge.

Electric bikes are being pitched as a way to make commutes easier than traditional bikes. I've looked at them, but, I think, I've got a bit of John Henry in me. I've not bought a motorcycle because I've never found a trip I'd want to take by motorcyle that I wouldn't also enjoy under my own power on a bike.

Thanks, but I'll stick with Buddy, and yeah, Buddy goes Point-to-Point, I'll take on one of those infernal machines, whether Segway or electric bike - and if it beats me, I'll take it on again. I'll get stronger and its battery will fade...


Pondero said...

Nicely stated.

Oldfool said...

When my battery fades I might go electric.

Steve A said...

Electric still provides many of the benefits of any other sort of bike riding and I can't agree with those that criticize electric bikes on purist grounds. Oldfool makes a good point. Perhaps even John Henry would have used a steam drill later in life. I'm not to that point quite yet myself, however.

Chandra said...

Perhaps some day, the electric bikes will have batteries have longer run times.

I saw at least a couple of people with electric bikes on the MS ride last year. They were huffin' and puffin' twice as much as I was and when asked why they didn't use the electric assist, more than one of them said that they were saving it for an emergency and that they used it very little as they were afraid they would run out of juice in the battery.

I am not opposed to having a sail on mine, assuming I know what to do with it to empower me :)

Peace :)

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