Thursday, February 11

Motorcycle Meter Reading One

Bf109 - From Wikipedia
Looking Much as it Would Heading for the Beaches of Normandy
In the movie, "The Longest Day," a scene I liked was the Luftwaffe, taking its two fighters for a token strafing pass over the Normandy Beaches on D Day, before heading back to base. It was that kind of a bike commute day today. I rode to the corner (note that ALL tire tracks are from bikes - 100% mode share), took the photo, rode back home to base, and then I drove the "PanzerSchlepper" to work.
Frankenbike, Demonstrating 100% Bike Mode Share
In the Predawn Darkness - No Kickstand!
Kermit Was Wondering What that White Stuff Was But he was Smiling!

Coffee Cooling Down
Lots More Snow Fell Through the Day
In a display of solidarity with my intrepid cycling comrades from the frozen north, I walked all the way from the truck into a coffee store. I also walked back to the truck. I made up for it by taking the elevator up to the third floor.
Today was a "ONE" on the Motorcycle Meter.
"PanzerSchlepper" Ready and Waiting
No Laundry to Recover Today
In truth, it wasn't really all that bad, but I've seen how Texans ski. When I got home, after the freeze set in, I took my youngest daughter out for some driving education. She did good, though we did not encounter any cyclists she could practice safely passing. There WERE a lot of cars that seemed to have trouble keeping up with the speed limit, however. We politely refrained from honking at them, despite having our progress impeded. Instead, we followed the Golden Rule.

ONE Motorcyclist is as Dedicated as Rantwick!
In the FAR Background is our "Bike" Rack. I Actually Used it Once
UPDATE at 8:50PM: I'm just now told our snow today broke an all-time North Texas record. Not enough to go X Country skiing yet, but maybe tomorrow I can get my snowboard out and go find a hill big enough to make a few runs in the wetness. Hey, I never said this was the Colorado Rockies!


Chandra said...

We got some snow alright. I haven't seen this much snow since leaving St. Louis :)

Riding tomorrow might be a different ball game.
We shall see!

Peace :)

Rantwick said...

Go careful, sweet Texans. I'm so pleased you finally got some.

Tracy W said...

Well, I'm glad we could finally share our wealth with you guys.

Steve A said...

It was great fun this morning. For the first time ever, the MM read zero. Thanks for the gift, guys. I LOVE snow!

Ed W said...

I like those pieces of reflective tape on the inside circumference of your back wheel. They don't need to be very big, but their movement certainly catches the eye of overtaking motorists.

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