Friday, February 12

Reflections from Ed W

Those Rear Wheel Reflectors Certainly DO Show Up Well
In this Flash Shot. Would an Overtaking Motorist Notice Them?

SOME SAY that Ed W is an alter ego of "CycleDog, Agent of Satan," Others think he's the mirror of Dr Wally. Still others see him as the Tulsa Examiner. Some of THOSE wonder about how that revenue thing all works and why they might want to make CycleDog comments instead of the same comments against the Examiner. A FEW wonder about his browser choices. But THIS POST is about none of that. Nor is it against the bizarre subculture of cyclocross that I was led to by Lizzylou and am STILL avoiding. THAT subject starts with the letter "E."

Instead, it's about Ed's comment about the reflectivity of Frankenbike's rear wheel. It's a point worth considering.

When I GOT that rear wheel, the reflectors came with it. As a matter of fact, there were also a bunch of reflectors stuck to the spokes that I managed to peel off without too much trouble. The ones Ed commented on are what are left; the ones that seemed too much trouble to get rid of. Honestly, I can't say I'm a big fan of reflectors. My own opinion is that if reflectors are what stands between me and oblivion, I cut it too close, and my main regret is that Vought Aircraft won't make any more pension payments. So far, Vought is stuck, and I want to beat the actuary. I'm a "light" guy.

Still, there's something to check out here. "They don't need to be very big, but their movement certainly catches the eye of overtaking motorists."

I shall have to check that theory out. Certainly, the reflectors would catch the eyes of any motorist overtaking that is a lane to the left of me, and that might lead that same motorist to see my camo shooting glove pointing to the left for a lane change. ON THE OTHER HAND, we need to examine (undecided if any pun was intended), if an overtaking motorist would see reflectors on the inside of a rim if the cyclist is riding in the "line of sweetness"  and the motorist was in the same traffic lane. I've never tried to find out. Perhaps my youngest daughter needs some driver training tonight. More likely tomorrrow. Our oldest is coming home tonight and it's her birthday. You go girl! In the meantime, let's see what the overtaking motorists say. THIS blog is not inclined to pass along groundless theories, but I'll certainly pass along what my testers say.

Not to worry, I'll have my rear lights on so even if the reflector theory is debunked, I'll have a chance to post - unless they WANT me gone and are willing to give up the Vought checks to accomplish same which I think is doubtful. Stay tuned. I think experimental results will be forthcoming...


Rantwick said...

Same concept, but sure-fire visual: I wear reflective ankle bands. Motion, outboard on both sides of bike. Plus, they are wrapped around a round object, my leg, which increases the odds that they will be struck at one angle or another.

I even wear them on bare legs on summer nights. They are different colours, one yellow, one white.

Rantwick said...

oh... panniers may interfere. Mine have big reflective patches, but they don't move like my ankles...

Ed W said...

I grew up in Pennsylvania. I learned to drive there, and I learned to keep a wary eye out for deer at night. Roughly 50 thousand of them die on the road every year. Yes, 50,000. Sometimes you can see their eyes as tiny blue-green reflectors, and just like those wheel reflectors, the movement is very apparent. Our eyes aren't good at discerning detail in low light, but we notice movement very well.

There's a funny story that goes with this, so I'll post that over on CycleDog.

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