Tuesday, February 9

New Low in Cyclist Fear Mongering

While I was struggling to figure out how to gently tell y'all about a really deep, dark subculture of cycling subculture, I was rescued by an unusually tacky item in Google News today. You can read the full article here, if you want, but the picture below really says it all. Be afraid, be VERY afraid. Is my Texas Tech waterbottle that still works fine even after I ran it over at risk, due to a LOW QUALITY WATER BOTTLE CAGE? Maybe it explains why I have few bike accidents - I never used to bother with water bottles, much less LOW QUALITY WATER BOTTLE CAGES. Play ominous mood music here. Sheesh...


Velouria said...

Hilarious! The water bottle cage on my current bicycles is called "Pull over. Stop the bike. Take out the bottle from saddle bag. Drink. Place the bottle back. Keep riding."

Rantwick said...

That is indeed a very lame new low. I wonder what the author would say about winter riding? My water bottle might freeze to my face, obscuring my vision! It could freeze solid, fly out of my frozen fingers, and kill a baby! My God! When will I stop this madness?!

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