Monday, May 31

Bad Bike Idea

My Dentist Office on Harwood, in Hurst
I went for a bit of a bike ride. Just to be different, I decided to mostly ride on different streets than I usually take. Before you knew it, I was passing my dentist's office in Hurst. When I was there earlier this week, they inquired as to whether I was still riding. I replied that I was, but they had no bike racks, though I imagined they didn't have a lot of cycling patients. If I rode to my appointment, might they work something out? "Certainly," the receptionist replied, "we've got a room in the back and we'd be happy to keep your bike while you're here." Hmm.

Riding along a bit further, I saw the sort of sculpture that John Romeo Alpha seems to happen upon regularly in Arizona. Mine was in North Richland Hills. NRH may not be Arizona, but it's still pretty cool to see stuff like this just riding along the road. Speaking of which, is that his REAL name or is it a play on an Italian car brand I'm fond of, and which is one of the labels of this post? Hmm again.

The Road Bike and Friend, North Richland Hills
Next, I happened upon a motoring brother, and we had a nice chat while waiting for the left turn signal to change for us. It was a lovely morning, but it looked like it'd be hot later. He rode in from Saint Louis and had another 350 miles to go. Bicycles really ARE different than motorcycles! Hmm the third.

It's Amazing How Much Faster You Can Go With More than 1/4 HP!
Finally, I got to the BAD IDEA part of this bike ride. It is NOT a good idea to go to "Golden Corral" for breakfast on a bike. It makes for a LONG ride home. Yes, bikes ARE different. I recommend you avoid this place if you have to ride your bike home.

Don't Do It! You'll Regret It!

PS: Yes, the road bike IS locked to that pole, with my "just a minute" locking technique ,which captured both wheels. I selected a seat where it was in view. Of course, had someone decided to try to snag it, it would have taken a while to waddle outside and confront the scofflaws. OTOH, I don't imagine that too many bike thieves hang around "Golden Corral," looking for an easy score.


John Romeo Alpha said...

That armadillo is great. I know a certain place where he would fit right in. Mascot of some of your favorite tires, too. Which I could have used today to resist a goathead thorn.

One Girl, One Bike, One Journey said...

Found your blog while blogsurfing this morning and absolutely love it...glad I found it and cannot wait to read more!

Velouria said...

Love the picture of the bike next to the armadillo(?) sculpture; looks like they are cuddling. I have never seen a real armadillo : (

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