Monday, May 31

Flag of Our Fathers

Some are old enough to remember this flag. Far fewer each year are old enough to have served under it. It was the flag of our country during WWI, WWII, and the Korean Conflict. I saw this one yesterday while riding home through Hurst, Texas. You don't see this flag very often nowadays.

Seventy years ago, the British were in the last stages of evacuating Dunkirk. Sixty years ago, the North Koreans were about to invade South Korea, and the Lusitania was sunk ninety five years ago in May, 1915.


PM Summer said...

I don't see that many 48 star flags anymore... the flag my father and grandfather earned their VFW memberships under.

I has meaning.

Khal said...

I recall in my kindergarten year we added #49 and 50. Three of my uncles and my father served under that six by eight star field, two in WW II and two in Korea.

Which reminds me, Steve, I better get my sorry ass outside and take the flag down, as the sun has set and its not under artificial light. Oops.

Steve A said...

My father served in Korea, My grandfather in WW I. Neither talked about it much.

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