Sunday, July 4

Little Details and Photos Missed

Tire Label Centered on the Valve. Valve Size Matters!
While my road bike may have no name, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate it. As a matter of fact, I got a new (to me) set of wheels, which gave me the inintended consequence of creating four spare tubes for Buddy, my commuter bike. Unlike the olden days, when tubes were tubes, now you have to get a tube with the right length of valve. In the case of the new wheels, the valve is 48mm long; the old size of 36mm barely poked through the hole and was too short to get the floor pump attached. You can also get tubes with 60 or 80mm valves. Another detail is the position of the tire label; centered on the left side of the "O" in "Rubino." It has been said that this should be done so, if you get a flat, it's easier to find the spot in the tire that corresponds with the tube damage. There's another reason (besides wanting to do stuff precisely right), and that is so you don't have to look for the valve when it's time to pump the tires up. It's in the center of the label. This results in a massive time savings of at least a half second, and allows the old failing eyes to avoid squinting!

See, They Can't Even Spell "French" Properly!
There are more details, as well. For example, the quick release levers are always in the same spot. And, I've finally given up on the worthless French bike computer. From now on, I'll stick to French wheels and eschew French electronics!

I don't often take photos while riding, and this causes me to miss some good photos. It's why, for example, I've never taken photos of Precinct Line Road where there's a wide shoulder I never ride. It just doesn't seem safe to try to ride while shooting and it seems like a bad place to stop. I did miss a few good shots today, such as the trike guy. The three gentlemen below were discussing if he was going to get run over or not as he moved into the left turn lane. The motorcyclist knew the basics of the law and safe riding. I opined the trike guy ought to get a ticket for not signaling his turn, and maybe a fashion citation for too much high vis and flags. And no, it is not true that I have applied to be in the "Turn Signal Gestapo." Later, on the way home, riding up a quiet side street, I encountered a salmon coasting down the hill. I thought salmon went UPstream. I missed both of those photos. Darn. Just as Scarlett O'Hara never had a handkerchief, I never have the camera out when the action shots come by.

Nice Day for Nice Guys


Chandra said...

Happy 4th to you too, Steve!
Peace :)

Ham said...

>>I'll stick to French wheels and eschew French electronics

Bless you, I hope the cold gets better, and a slightly belated Happy Independence Day to you

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