Thursday, July 1

Truly Grumpy

PM Summer of Cycle*Dallas welcomed me to the "Grumpy Cyclist Society," or words to that effect a while back. Even my sidebar notes that I get grumpy once in a while, but the final straw was "Suburban Bike Mama" getting grumpy, here.

THAT, my loyal reader, is the final straw, so I have decided to bring it out of the closet and show y'all what Grumpy really is. I'll note that it isn't pretty, but it DOES have an Orlando connection. I think even PM would concede that it doesn't get all preachy and it doesn't involve any spandex or lycra.

For my secret, go here (this IS a "G" rated blog). Have a nice day, or as someone else says on every post he makes, "Get up. Go ride."

Actually, I wasn't particularly grumpy today. Weather Channel had a 70% chance of rain but I made it both ways with not a single drop, and an unusually low number of motorist interactions, to the point that Ham would wonder if somehow I messed up and rode in on a national holiday. Sweet.


MamaVee said...

:-) thanks!

Ham said...

I'm grumpy at the moment because I have been laid low by the dreaded Man Flu, and not going anywhere although the weather is great. We have been having some riding fun here in the UK through June, with the Transport for London Cycle Challenge - I've ended up 3rd in the top group in our category Take 50 off the points for mileage.

Oh, and it probably was a holiday.

Steve A said...

Three motorist interactions in the first seven miles and one of those was moving out of the RH lane to facilitate letting a motorist turn right. Even the signal lights tripped easily. Things did even out later. One wonders why Bicycling Magazine said it takes nerves of steel to ride here. Maybe they just picked the wrong day or they just drove on the freeways.

Ham said...

You misread it. It is nerves of still you have to have, you need to develop the zen to cope with nothing happening on your rides. Very tough. Respect.

Steve A said...

Perhaps you think that I hit mile seven at 6:15 might have something to do with it? Coming home is much livelier, but even FM1709 was pretty quiet on the way in and THAT is unusual. It's my "don't look back" street. AKA Keller Parkway International Speedway.

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