Sunday, August 8

Buzzards in Bedford

Riding to the gym this morning, I really thought about bringing along a proper camera. I wish I had. It's not every day you see vultures in suburban Bedford. Turkey Vultures to be specific. Often known as buzzards.

Riding home, I happened to notice one picking through some garbage that had been set out at the curb. I got out my cruddy cell phone camera and missed it in three shots, at which point it flew up to the roof. At that point, I noticed it had a companion. I think the two of them weren't thrilled about a cyclist taking their pictures.



Apertome said...

Cool! I see turkey vultures all the time around here, although usually not in town. A lot of people think they're gross, and they're probably right, but I love watching them soar.

It can be a little ominous when they start circling over you while you're riding, though.

Chandra said...

Why are they hanging out in suburbia?
I am used to seeing them in the wooded areas outside the city, usually!

If they were hanging out where I live, I would think they are spying for the HOA...

Peace :)

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