Tuesday, August 10

Stinky Road

Westport in the "Good Old Days" When it was Just Rough
Thanks to a gas well drilling operation and other construction, Westport Parkway no longer looks as pretty as it did in my previous "rough road" post. NOW, it looks like the road below. NOW, it literally DOES stink, especially when it gets hot out. And yes, potholes are still present, but they're now camouflaged by the black asphalt/tar. Speaking of which, I still haven't figured out how, or why, Fort Worth plans to paint bike lane stripes as is specified in their bike plan. "Buycycling Magazine" may complain about Dallas not being "bike friendly," but I'll trade Westport for Preston any day. At the moment, it's not the favorite part of my commute.

Stinky Westport Proudly Remains Rough

Actually, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, I HAVE figured out how they can put bike lanes on this road. All they have to do is put it on a "Road Diet," as shown below...

Westport Parkway After Road Diet. Those West-bound Cars Will Have to Find Another Route!


GreenComotion said...

This street, for some reason (may be with its country looks) reminds me of Dove Loop, which I take to get to Roanoke. Too bad you it stinks :(

Anonymous said...


Steve A said...

Interesting that one of the comments held up Bedford's linear park. That is a poorly executed project that endangers new bike riders.

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