Wednesday, August 11

Just a Little Commute Short Stop

Webb House in Colleyville, Texas, on a BEAUTIFUL August Day
I've never done a lot of stopping to look at the sights along my commute route. Today's subject is directly along my route, both to and from work, and, what's more, it's lit up when it is dark out, making it hard to miss. Lately, I've been thinking about outlining some of the Cotton Belt Railway features in Tarrant County. This house sits within sight of the rails.

Who says you can't stop and look around when riding on the road bike? It just took me over a year to do so...
The Story of the Webb House

Somehow, I Don't Think the Caboose is in "Period" Markings for the Cotton Belt Line

Grapevine Vintage Railroad Runs Along the Cotton Belt Bike Path, Right Past the Webb House in Colleyville


Oldfool said...

I have passed many places thinking I'll get around to it someday. These days I realize the "someday" might be now. I regret missing the things I have passed on roads I'll never pass over again. Now I double back if I have to.
Thanks for the locomotive. It's fortunate that I never got into steam. I would have been obsessive I'm afraid.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I would love to spend an evening listening to Mr. Webb and the Grapevine Rabbit Twisters playing their fiddles. I can only imagine.

Chuck Davis said...


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