Saturday, September 11

Colleyville has ARRIVED!

Knobbies & Slicks Has Been Open in Colleyville for Three Weeks
I can't believe I didn't know about this before, but there is a new bike shop in Colleyville. Now I might be able to do a little bragging instead just having to read about those cool Fort Worth shops. The name? Knobbies & Slicks Bike Shop & Cycling Studio. I mean, this place has been open for three weeks now, I've ridden right past it almost every day since then, and the only reason I know about it is my wife showed me a photo of their ribbon cutting in the local Chamber of Commerce magazine. Wow - maybe I'm a little too focused on dealing with my motorists!

The Shop is About 75 Feet From My Normal Commute Route!
Anyway, on Friday, I went in, having found that the "gone riding" sign didn't necessarily mean the shop wasn't open. Inside, I saw a DIFFERENT kind of shop. First off, the bikes on display were a mixture of high end road bikes and cruisers. Then, I met one of the owners, Bud Zarsk. It was getting close to closing time, but he graciously showed me a few of the high points. See photos below. The shop included a very nice and well stocked cycling spin area, and a number of alcoves that reminded me of those rooms at stereo stores where you get to listen to the really GOOD equipment. These were reserved for some of the special stock.

It will be interesting to see how this shop fares in an area such as Colleyville. It is definitely not targeted at the "bike commuter," nor the gearhead, nor even the casual buyer that so many are. You'd just have to go there to see what I'm talking about.

Some of the Road Bike Stock

Bud Zarsk, Showing the Spin Studio

Bike Shop Espresso Machine. The OTHER Coffee was Stuff I Brought


Rat Trap Press said...

That's very interesting. So from your post, I take it that they're mostly targeting the wealthy performance oriented cyclist. I guess there are a few wealthy cyclists in the Colleyville area.

Oldfool said...

A little rich for us po' folk and what the hell is a spin studio anyway? Do I need one. The only kind I know about is the kind where politicians change the story to fit their view.

Steve A said...

One might think they're targeting well heeled cyclists. However, they also carry cruiser bikes and appear to be actively interested in doing rides around the area - including kids, so I'm not sure. For sure, if you want to buy a $10k custom bike, they'll be able to help. However, I saw a VERY nice $1500 cyclocross bike and the owner said he'd sell Buddy for me on consignment if I were so inclined.

Disk brakes will be legal next year in cyclocross.

Big Oak said...

Well, I'm glad your wife is looking out for you. Sometimes you've just got to stop and smell the rubber.

We have a shop here in Fort Wayne that sounds a little like that place, sans spin studio. And Espresso. They are, however, selling the heck out of the cruisers. There must be a HUGE demand for those bikes.

Knobbies and Slicks said...

Thanks, Steve, for mentioning us on your blog! We have a new blog at with links to our new Facebook and Twitter account.

Steve A said...

Bud or Debbie, I shall be interested to see how K and S evolves and shall visit your blog. Definitely not your stereotypical bike shop!

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