Sunday, September 12

Line in the Sand

Rantwick has made a challenge to all comers for a fall color photo to challenge the "King of Autumn." Figuratively, he's drawn a line in the sand, and everyone in Texas knows about lines and sand. It brings up images of Santy Anny and long odds. John Wayne playing Davy Crockett. Rantwick's got the numbers on his side, living in a place where sugar maples abound. But we got spunk.

Last year, I did a fall color post, here.
November 2, 2009. North Texas Fall Color. Will We Top it This Year?
It's still quite a ways until early November, but Texas is a big place and we're SURE to have a good tree somewhere, right? Right? If not from Texas, perhaps some other loyal reader. Cross that line - if you dare.


RANTWICK said...

Hey, thanks for the promotion, Steve! Bring it, Texans.

Ed W said...

Texas? Oh, right, that's the baja Oklahoma state somewhere south of the Red River. Let me tell you something about fall in Texas and Oklahoma - it's really nice - all 20 minutes of it. The south wind that's been blowing since spring stops for that 20 minutes. The leaves instantly turn brown - and that's considered a colorful thing. When the 20 minutes are up, the wind switches to the north, the leaves fall off in a drenching rain, and the locals all celebrate by banging their cars together.

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