Sunday, November 28

Ending the Honk Project

It lasted just over a year. My most recent report was here, but my new commute v3 is a completely different beast from the v2 Alliance commute. To close things out, I picked up one last commute honk. It was, perhaps, the strangest one of all.

You see, at the time, I was travelling at 32mph in an area posted at 35mph. It was dark on the predawn route to Alliance before Daylight Savings Time ended. Either I'm a lot stronger rider than y'all imagine or it had a bit of a downhill grade. The motorist passed safely after honking, making a full lane change on the four-lane, median divided road. I have no idea why they felt it necessary to honk unless it was as an imagined courtesy of some sort.

To complete things, for any that might be interested, here is the final spreadsheet. Click on image for a much larger version.

Click on this image for a "readable size" version


Anonymous said...

I think it was a courtesy honk, given to let you know a car is coming up behind you. It happens to me sometimes when I'm riding on country type roads. I try to listen to the length of a honk as a clue - I figure a quick honk means "Hi, I'm here and I don't know if you know that", a longer honk = "Hey!", and longer than that = "Get Off the Road you darn cyclist!"

John Romeo Alpha said...

Can we see the Honking Spreadsheet in all its glory?

Pondero said...

I believe I've been the recipient of the "courtesy honk" before.

Trevor Woodford said...

When I was cycle touring in France the 'courtesy honk' happened all the time - even huge lumber trucks would do it in order to prepare you for the gust of wind as they passed.
In the UK most of the honks seem to be of the 'get off the road' types.

RANTWICK said...

It was a "holy crap are you ever fast... you are my hero" kind of honk. Good one to end it on.

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