Saturday, November 27

Maybe Cold Enough

Pearl Izumi Softshell Gloves
Last summer, when most at the Hotter 'n Hell were shopping for summer cycling stuff, I was stocking up on leftover winter items. This weekend, I actually got to wear the gloves for the first time. They work well, though I fear they will require a supplemental covering when the temperatures drop below 20F, and their comfortable upper temperature is about 50F.


Oldfool said...

What is this 20F of which you speak?

Chandra said...

Yesterday was cold. I used only El Cheapo Walgreen's $1 gloves and I wasn't too happy about my choice. I should have used a wind-proof pair of gloves. I may have a pair of what you have pictured.
Peace :)

Apertome said...

Hmm, I have some Specialized gloves that look to be a similar weight. I've been amazed at the temperature range I can use them in. I don't even wear full-fingered gloves above 50 degrees, but below that I wear these, all the way down into the teens. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised with these.

Trevor Woodford said...

Was well below freezing on my training ride this morning- the tips of my fingers were sooooo coooold.
I really do need a new pair of decent gloves- some nice Pearl Izumi ones like yours would be a good start...!

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