Thursday, November 25

Thanks for the Memories

Having made my new, "v3" commute for a bit over a week now, it struck me that what I miss most about the v2 commute, even more than the buffalo, are the big trucks. This came to me, prompted by a post at Los Alamos Bikes, where a truck driver was involved with two cyclists in a "road rage" incident. As the story developed, I was heartened to hear that the driver was most likely a pickup driver, though almost certainly NOT one with an "OU" sticker in his back window. Regardless, it reminded me that I miss the interaction with big trucks. I've not encountered any on my new, v3 commute. Whether they were drill rig water trucks, semis, or, my favorites - the guys from "Charley's Concrete," every one of them made the road a little nicer than it would have been otherwise.

Y'all have a blessed Thanksgiving, except those of you up in Canada who jumped the gun last month. Conveniently, that meant that Arkel was open today. If you know a big rig driver, give him or her a hug from me.

Water Truck, Near Fort Worth Alliance Airport, Fort Worth, Texas

Disabled Truck, Denton County, Texas

MY Concrete Guys, I'll Miss You!


Khal said...

Never, ever have had an issue with a big rig driver. Those are serious guys. A couple have driven too close but I seriously doubt it was intentional. They have way too much to lose--class A licenses are their paychecks.

Its the fellas in the big pickups who drive them as "equipment compensation" that we need to worry about. The all hat and no cattle folks.

Have a great weekend, all.

Chuck Davis said...

As a gen proposition, the road users/drivers who make their living spending most of their time on the road delivering whatever twixt here and there are not problematic

Mrs D, self and the dogs are "cabined in" at TenKiller State Park for the rest of this holiday week.............quite safe for everybody

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