Sunday, December 12

Christmas Lights by Bike

We went to watch the Christmas lights. In this, I was inspired in reverse by Justine Valinotti's post which notes " much brighter and gaudier those lights ...seem when you don't have two feet of glass and two tons of metal between you and them." You see, the lights I had in mind were accompanied by music that I'd be listening to through two tons of metal and glass - on a bike. I did bring along the radio and earphones for my daughter who hadn't heard it on her bike previously.

And so we went. Just to one house. One house was MORE than enough.

Conveniently, You Are Instructed to Tune to 88.3FM

Lights Turn On and Off to the Music
With the Grand Finale, All Lights Light, Before the Next Show Starts

Eldest Daughter Approves of the Show
Actually, two feet of metal and glass muted the music pretty well. A friendly motorist, however, rolled his window down so we could hear a bit better.

SUV Driver Rolled Down his Window so I Could Listen Too.
He Mentioned How He Saw Our Tail Lights Two Blocks Back
He Didn't Show up too Brightly in the Flash
The house is pretty unusual. As a matter of fact, you don't have to ride your bike there, since I know some reading this live a bit far away. Below is last year's show on Youtube.
Last Year's Show from 2900 Magnolia Court in Bedford, Texas

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