Friday, December 10

P7 Lights up the Night

Previously, I reported on the shakedown cruise of the new P7 lights. Since then, I have discovered how they act when the batteries get low and I took a few night shots tonight when we went to look at Christmas lights. All photos were shot with an iPhone. The camera I brought insisted I had to have flash which sort of defeats the purpose. I did not adjust any of the photos. My daughter said it is about the same brightness as one of our Land Rover headlights (SEE BELOW).

As for how the light acts when the batteries are low. THAT is very simple. The light remains identical to what is shown until they blink out as if someone shut off a switch. My lights lasted a little over three hours on the high setting. For my current commute, that means I'll be charging them once a week. The low setting is MUCH lower. The low setting is about the same as the high setting on the Planet Bike Blaze 2w light. I think one reason they LOOK exceptionally low is that the high setting is so bright.

The Light Action on an Unlit Residential Street. Cyclist is About 10-15 Feet Ahead

The Light Action on a Four Lane Road. Cyclist is About 30 Feet Ahead

License Plate Reflection on a Residential Street

Light Action on Residential Street
After this, I got to thinking and we tested that theory that the P7 is about as bright as an automotive headlight. P7 versus a VW Jetta pair of headlights. YOU be the judge. The P7 beam is to the left of the two Jetta lights. In fairness to the little Nazi car, the contest is less one-sided if the VW puts its high beams on.

P7 Light at Left, VW Jetta Lights to the Right. Note the Intensity, as Well as the Light Beam Pattern.
I Typically Aim the P7 a Bit Lower So as to Not Blind People


John Romeo Alpha said...

When I compare this blast of photons with the feeble glow emitted by my old Cateye "Battery Head Lamp" HL-200 bicycle light (1987, incandescent bulb) running on 2D cells, well, there's no comparison. The Cateye has a nice rectangular beam pattern, and runs seemingly forever on 2D cells, but in comparison to the performance of the P7 (or Cree-based LED lights for that matter), no longer merits the name "head lamp". It does say "Made in Japan" and "Tsuyama Mfg Co" on it, so I'll probably hold on to it to recall that stuff used to be made in Japan.

Paul said...

I really must upgrade my lights, front and rear. I rely on the power of a group to serve as adequate protection, while on the road. Right now I'm using something purchased on the cheap in a blister pack from Performance.

Steve A said...

Paul, the P7 puts out more light than anything costing twice as much (the P7 is about $70-$80). It IS a little flaky, which is why I say it isn't for everyone. Biggest among the flakiness is that the beam pattern is less tight than I would like, the on/off switch is poorly designed, and the Li-Ion battery case is also less than ideal. OTOH, Cateye needs more engineers and less marketers.

Apertome said...

I actually like the wide beam pattern, so far. I wish the mount were a little stronger. I haven't had any issues with the on/off switch or battery so far. I think I got a bit less than three hours on high, but that's in sub-freezing temps.

I actually think Medium is the sweet spot. Bright even to see well, but with longer battery life than High.

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