Monday, December 6

Fort Worth Infrastructure We Can ALL Use

For your consideration, it looks as if Fort Worth has come into some cash to put in bike racks. I have no idea what this money has to do with the Department of Energy, but there you have it.

Click on Photo for Larger Map. The Blue Circles are Existing Racks
Unlike the Fort Worth Bike Plan, Maybe the City is Really Looking for Input Here
instead of uncritical praise!
From: McCleeary, Julia
Subject: Where do you need a bike rack in Downtown Fort Worth?

Voice your opinion on bike rack locations in downtown Fort Worth!

The City of Fort Worth is installing bike racks in downtown Fort Worth, thanks to a grant from the Department of Energy. The website below is a google-based map showing the existing locations of bike racks and locations we have proposed. We will be installing black “inverted u” bike racks (link below for image).

Bike Rack Locations Map
Bike Rack Design

In order to comment or add markers to the map, a google account is required. However, feel free to email your downtown bike rack locations to bikefw at fortworthgov dot org. Instructions on adding or editing information to the map are located at the google map website.

Please feel free to forward this email on to anyone who rides (or would like to ride) their bike downtown.

Bike Fort Worth is the City’s comprehensive bicycle transportation plan for developing a friendlier bicycle environment. Recommendations for supportive policies, programs and facilities are intended to increase bicycle transportation within the City of Fort Worth.

Implementation of the Bike Fort Worth plan will promote bicycling as a safe, attractive and healthy transportation alternative. A bicycle transportation network will improve livability in Fort Worth by providing an alternative travel option to residents of the City and improved access to other modes of transit.

As a first step to the implementation of the Bike Fort Worth plan, the City of Fort Worth has received, as part of a larger award, $400,000 from the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program for the construction of on-street bicycle lanes, routes and bicycle racks.

Julia M. McCleeary
Senior Planner
City of Fort Worth
Planning and Development


Anonymous said...

It looks like the new racks will more than double the existing number of racks. Thats good news!

PM Summer said...

I hope they are functional, as opposed to decorative (he says, looking a gift horse in the mouth).

Steve A said...

This is FW we're talking about. They'd NEVER put in nonfunctional bike racks again after all those "Star" racks that they had to put labels on so people would know they were bike racks. Would they?

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