Monday, December 6

Google DOES Fix Those Maps!

I'm happy to report that Google really works on their maps. In response to a complaint from me that I couldn't Google ride my bike down Denton Highway (Hwy 377, also known as Main Street) Received from Google:

Nov 24 (12 days ago)

Hi Steve,

Google Maps has been updated to correct the problem you reported. You can see the update here, and if you still see a problem, please tell us more about the issue: Link to view and/or reopen issue

Report history
Problem ID: 9C00-710A-DD88-667F

Your report: Google bicycling won't allow me to choose N Main Street in Keller, though I and others ride it daily and it's quite suitable for cycling


Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team

Google Bikes Now Allows Me to Ride on Denton Highway - If I Still Worked There!


Apertome said...

They sure do! I have submitted a couple of suggestions, which they have implemented. It's good to see them taking some action to improve their bike directions (even though I almost never use them).

Anonymous said...

They are just about to add the bikeways on Google maps for 4 or so cities here in Canada, so its nice to know they are responsive and want to be correct.

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