Saturday, January 8

Commute Oddity

Lighthouse Cemented on Top of a Mailbox in North Texas

North Texas is not bordered by any large bodies of water. It doesn’t have a particularly strong nautical tradition, despite the presence of Naval facilities and even a ship named for the City of Fort Worth. As a result, it strikes me as odd that there should be two light houses on my commute route.

If this were Mukilteo, Washington, lighthouses would be a common sight. One does not expect to encounter them in North Tarrant County.

Less Unusual is this Storage Place - This Chain Used to be Shurgard Storage
Still, What Does a Lighthouse Have to do with "Public Storage?"


Justine Valinotti said...

I've never been to North Texas. But I've been to Colorado and don't recall seeing any lighthouses there. It really is odd that you encounter them on your commute route. They're rather lovely, actually.

Anonymous said...

Ah, sights and scenes of the Pacific Southwest perhaps? Definitely no one will be knocking that mailbox off its post with all those bricks to protect it. The lighthouse and bldg in the 2nd photo would make a great Fish & Chip shop. In Texas I guess that would be catfish??

limom said...

I like it!
My mailbox is in desperate need of repair or replacement.

Steve A said...

That mailbox would look at home in Hawaii. The bricks are common around this part of the world. I'm not sure why mailbox fortresses are all the rage here, but they are. Still, seeing a lighthouse cemented to the top of one is unusual, even here.

I don't recall seeing lighthouses in Colorado either.

We have lighthouses around my house, but we keep them inside and mostly they are relics of our days in Mukilteo/Everett.

Apertome said...

Love it! Odd, but fun.

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