Sunday, January 9

Even Texas Gets a Bit

That's Either Static in the Photo or Snow in North Texas
Looking outside, it looks as if there might be a decision to be made tomorrow morning. White stuff coming down with an early afternoon temperature of 33F means there may be icy spots tomorrow morning in the dark.


Chandra said...

Be safe out there!
Peace :)

Commute-a-sarus said...

Keep WARM!

cycler said...

yeah yeah yeah..... :)

We're supposed to get another 12" tomorrow night/Wednesday :(

I remember being in a building on the quad at Rice when it started to snow- people flooded out of the buildings to see this crazy white stuff coming down from the sky! This amused my classmate from Denver (who wore shorts all winter) to no end.

Apertome said...

Cool, did you get any accumulation?

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