Thursday, January 13


PB 2W Blaze is a Stylish and Lightweight Headlight that DEVOURS Batteries
 I like redundancy in my commute bikes. That means, though I use the P7 light every morning, I want another light as a backup. For this purpose, the 2W Planet Bike Blaze works real well. It puts out more light than just about any headlight that will operate on 2 AA batteries.

The down side of this is that the Blaze simply eats batteries unmercifully. Though I've only had it for a couple of months and only turn it on rarely, it's on its second set.

Needless to say, you'd NOT want to use the Blaze daily unless you were using rechargeable batteries. Still, I've hit on a solution that works for a backup light. First, I took it off the bracket and keep it in a pocket of my trunk bag. That eliminates the temptation to "play" with it on occasion. The current normal configuration is shown in the photo below. Just a naked bracket. Riding around in a bag pocket, however, exposed the light to the possibility of accidentally getting turned on and running the batteries down. Removing the batteries didn't seem real good either since then they get cruddy, or lost, or simply rattle around. But, in the photo at the very bottom, I DID hit upon an excellent solution that is lightweight, compact, free, and provides the title to this post all at the same time. Simply prevent electrical contact within the light and put it back together with the batteries inside. Should the light ever be needed, remove and install. Voila! Thanks, Mr P.

This is How I Normally Commute - With a Naked PB Blaze Bracket

"Mr Peanut" Protects my Batteries!


Anonymous said...

Can you use any kind of wrapper, or are Mr Peanut wrappers preferred?

Steve A said...

What you have made from cellophane or other nonconductive wrapper is preferred. It puts "the Twinkie Defense" in a whole new light - pun intended.

limom said...

Excellent solution!
I used to keep my blinky in my seat bag and it would get turned on by accident all the time.
Not so good when you really need it.

Big Oak said...

That Mr. Peanut, he's quite the handy guy!

RANTWICK said...

Did I just witness a "hat tip" to, of all characters, Mr. Peanut himself? Awesome.

Apertome said...

It's really funny seeing both those lights on your bars, those are my two main lights too! I wouldn't say the PB devours batteries, but I *do* use rechargeables, so maybe I don't care as much.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Or do what the pros do: turn one of the batteries around.

Steve A said...

I did think about turning the batteries around but decided I'd rather not have to handle batteries in the dark with thick gloves on.

jeff said...

As the Guiness boys would say, "Brilliant!"

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