Friday, February 11

Alienating the Last Loyal Reader

I subscribe to the theory that no subject should be exempt from examination and the resulting alienation of all who read. As a result, I intend to trod where others have gone before, but to hop between their footsteps and NOT step on the same cracks. Namely, I'm going to treat the subject of cycling myths in an occasional series. I'll be in renowned company, as Ken Kifer, Sheldon Brown, BikeRadar, Bicycling Life, CycleDog, and even the closest LBS to my house have ALL done stories on this subject.

Clearly these guys are all doing something wrong, because they either retain readers or sales. I also notice that many of them trod the same footsteps. As always, I intend to chart a different course. One major inspiration will be here, and in the myths that none of those OTHER guys above have really examined, or at least not the side of the myth that you'll read here. Well, at least as long as there's ONE reader...

As one last "tease," the very first in this upcoming series was prompted by two newspaper articles, one of which reveals some glaring fallacies in "the safety in numbers" theory, but also suggests (inadvertently), why there just might be some merit to the whole thing - in a manner nobody talks about.

This Chart is NOT What it Seems


Ed W said...

"...they either retain readers or sales."?

Steve, I don't have a large number of readers over on CycleDog. In fact, I prefer to think of them as a very select group. And that group is tiny.

I'm interested to see your take on cycling myths. But I seriously doubt if it will cost you some readers. It may provoke some discussion, and that's always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

ET was an alien, and he rode around in a bike... does that count?

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