Saturday, February 12

The Trip of the Last Incredible

From the Boeing website ""
The pace and nature of technological innovation has shifted in our society. The production of ever-more wonderful aircraft has slowed dramatically during my lifetime. Innovation is measured more often in what engineers can make electrons do rather than in faster-stronger-higher aircraft. All of my children were born after our species last set foot on the moon. Still, over 50 years after the start of the jet age, Boeing is the largest American exporter, though competitors are nipping at it around the edges.

Boeing bills this as the roll-out of "The Next Incredible," but I think that, in reality, it is "The Last Incredible." Still, if you have never watched the roll-out of a major new aircraft, you might want to consider the live webcast that will be here. I previously posted on the first flight of the new 747 cargo version here.

One by one, the original incredibles are passing from our eyes. My mother-in-law was an "incredible." However, the 747, "Queen of the Skies" has one last act to play out. If you have never watched an aircraft roll out event, you might want to consider this. There will certainly be more new aircraft rolled out in the future, but perhaps none with the grandeur of this one.

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