Sunday, May 29

Changed in Little Ways

Cycling and Skiing Have Both Changed the Way I Carry Stuff
Perhaps I've simply become more observant in recent years, but I've noticed that I change how I do things based on activities I engage in.

One example is that I now organize money in my billfold differently as a result of snow skiing. When I ski, I use a clip and carry only essential cards. I also started folding money so that the largest denomination bills are in the center of the stack. I figured that dragging a clip with money out at the lodge would be less conspicuous if dollar bills were what was visible. It also had the advantage that if money dropped, it'd be the little bills that went flying around.

Cycling has also influenced me, even recently. When you're cycling, carrying a large wallet around is somewhat of a pain, both because you are carrying around unneeded weight and unneeded bulk. I solved this problem by dividing my "stuff" into the stuff for the big wallet as well as items likely to be needed on a given trip, which go into the slimline wallet. On a daily basis, I'm not likely to need to haul out my original Social Security card, my PE License, or the security code to the Jaguar radio.

This has turned out quite well. In the photo, the top wallet weighs 60 grams and the bottom one weighs 130. Better yet, the top wallet can easily be carried in a front pants pocket along with an iPhone, in a jersey pocket, or even in a bike bag with room left over.

This is a practical application of what Chandra would call "CRM." For those not knowing every acronym around, CRM stands for "Crud Reducion Management."


Chandra said...

CRM has an important role to play in all walks of life. The wallet is no exception, as you have very nicely demonstrated.

I used to carry a whole bunch of cards in my former wallets as well. In 2007, I got a business card holder which was large enough to carry an ID, a credit card or two and some business cards. I decided at that point in time that enough was enough and I have never carried a bulky wallet since then. Indeed it is especially advantageous to have a thinner wallet, when you carry it in your pocket riding a bicycle.

Peace :)

thomas said...

The ultimate cycling weight weenie... weighing your dollar bills! Should probably drill some holes in that wallet to save more grams. But seriously, thinner wallets are nice.

Steve A said...

Hmm, if I were really a weight weenie, I'd know that dollar bills weigh about 1g each, but debit cards weigh 4g each. What's more, I'd know how many of each coin denomination it takes to make a gram (which I do not know).

Seriously, the black wallet works best when kept to seven cards or less and no more than four bills. That combo keeps the wallet reasonably thin and keeps the stuff from starting to stick out. I figure as long as it isn't overfull, the weight is the least of my concerns. I keep all the OTHER junk in the brown wallet, including accumulated savings from not buying gas for the commute.

Hmm, I hadn't considered drilling holes in the wallet...

Pondero said...

CRM, a useful activity, and one that take more and more of my time as life becomes more and more complex.

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