Sunday, May 29

Blogger Acts Up

I've redone the comments approach on this blog. Apparently, for reasons unkown, Blogger disabled comments suddenly. It works OK now that I've picked the setting for comments to pop up in a new form. The word verification works the same as it did previously and I saw no reason to review each comment separately.


Steve A said...

At least it let me make this "test comment."

limom said...

hey! I'm back!

Oldfool said...

It let me in.
For the last week there has been a lot of trouble for everyone I think. It all started two and a half weeks ago with a loss of data for some. For awhile it wanted me to log in every time I tried to comment and when I did it would take me to the comment page to login again in an endless loop.
Some other things like enlarging the comment box don't work for me either.
I find nothing under Blogger Status on the Dashboard. The last entry under Known Issues was May 24.

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cafiend said...

Hey, and it has email notification for follow-up comments now, too!

cafiend said...

Of course you immediately got spammed by that party bus outfit.

Anonymous said...

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