Tuesday, May 24

Turned Tables

Motorists Engaging in "Lane Sharing"
Earlier this month, here, I made a post about motorists sneaking up from behind and to my right. Well, today, in a rare circumstance, I found they don't just do it to me, they do it to each other. The tables were turned, so to speak. I discovered that motorists in this situation get all confused. Then they get timid and just SIT there, unsure who should go and who should not.

To make a really LONG story short, I came up between these two. Unsure who was going to go in a traffic break, they were both afraid to dash forward and complete the left turn for fear that there'd be a sudden meeting at the conclusion of the turn. After what seemed like about five minutes, I gave up on these motorists. I got OFF my bike, walked it over to the crosswalk to the right of the right driver. Walked across the street as a pedestrian, remounted my bike and proceeded on down the road. Amazingly, a third and a fourth motorist were stacked up behind me. All in this little left turn cut through the center median.

Last I saw, these two were STILL waiting to cross. Perhaps they were wondering how long it'd be before one or the other died of old age. Perhaps they were envious when I simply bypassed them both on foot to continue on my way after I'd cleared the intersection. Yay for pedestrians! I think it's good that I don't have a loud horn on my bike or I'd have been tempted to use it...

After a LONG Wait, I Walked the Bike Around the Right Side of the RH Motorist and Crossed Easily - on Foot


John Romeo Alpha said...

Police, or DEA, on the job. Maybe I watch too much television.

cafiend said...

You could fill a large website with images of pushy idiots doing pushy idiotic things.

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