Friday, May 27

Summer Around the Corner

In the lower right-hand corner of my Cateye computer, it displays what the unit thinks the temperature is. At the time this shot was taken, the actual temperature was 95F. Either way, it is a warning that summer will be here before we know it! Since it is still May, it may be a long, HOT one...

Cateye Thought it Was Over 100F. I Think it Was Overeager


Pondero said...

Yeah, as I recall, the switch was flipped at Memorial Day last year. I'll be planning for an early start tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

Ok, its was just pouring outside and the weather man has said its been the coldest and wettest spring ever... regardless of whether that little machine is 100 or 95, this is really depressing!

Chandra said...

It was toasty today and I believe it is supposed to be warm tomorrow as well.

Time to plan rides carefully?

Peace :)

Lou said...

What do you mean by "actual temperature was 95F"? Did you have another thermometer, repeating some weather service?

If you were quoting a weather service, then both 95 and 104 could be correct. The temperature is always taken in the shade. If the Cateye was in the sun that could explain the 9 degree difference.

Steve A said...

Lou, the 95 was weather underground and it agrees with the NWS. The Cateye seems to consistently run high when it is warm out. I didn't notice if it also read high back in February.

Lou said...

It doesn't sound like the Cateye runs high. It's just how temperature is taken. Unless you were riding in the shade the whole time, the Cateye is going to be higher than the official temperature.

Also terrain will affect the temperature. Have you ever been riding and go down into a gully and notice the temperature difference? I'm not saying the Cateye is correct, but it could be. Just because it is different than what a weather service says does not make it wrong.

It order to verify it is off, you need to compare it against a known accurate thermometer. Both thermometers need to be in the same conditions. You can't compare it against the NWS and say it is wrong.

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