Sunday, July 31

Dallas People Ignorant, But Solution Anyway

Old Tice Mystery Resolved?
Way back in 2009, I wondered about "Old Tice" on the downtown Dallas Confederate War Memorial. I never got an answer from anybody that lived in or around Dallas. In curiosity, one of my engineers called the Texas Civil War Museum in Forth Worth. While they promised to tell us what they found, afterwards, there was only - silence. Still, the question remained about who/what the person was at the bottom of the Dallas memorial. Mostly, the internet is silent on the significance of this feature of the memorial.

Well, through diligence and continued digging, I think I have found an answer to what nobody in Dallas or Fort Worth was able to provide. Well, at least other than Old Tee, who provided the answer in a comment on the Durango Blog. As it turns out, "Old Tice (actually Old Tige)" was a four-time Mayor of Dallas. What's more, he was the Father AND Grandaddy of two more Mayors of Dallas, including one who happened to be mayor when Kennedy got shot. What's more, he was related to all sorts of people. Specifically, this was General William Cabell. Ironically, even the "Daughters of the Confederacy" seem to have lost Cabell in their website. Perhaps it was because Cabell finished up the War of the Rebellion in a POW camp after invading free soil in Kansas. Still, how many other people were mayor of Dallas who also had a child and grandchild assume the same position?

Leave it to a Yankee to find out y'all's heritage!

Lee May be Prominent, but Cabell Probably Means More to Dallas


limom said...

Gee, you'd think that with a monument and all, someone would've known something about it!
Actually, Old Tice sort of looks like a young Col. Sanders.
Of KFC fame.

Old Tee said...

You commented about this at Durango Texas in March 2010 and I gave you the correct answer.

Yay me. blah I'm just a dumb old Texan.

Steve A said...

While I saw your first comment in March 2010, I missed your corrected comment. So, my revised question is, Tee, if you're such a dumb old Texan, how come nobody else knew the answer and how come Cabell Drive in Dallas is a minor street?

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