Sunday, September 25

Brompton at Cycle Savvy

Chandra Sets Up the Brompton
Sometimes you learn stuff in bike school that you weren't planning on learning. Like about some of the other bikes. Early in September, "Lovely Bicycle" did a piece on a bare, clear coated Brompton folding bike. Knowing that Chandra was likely to bring his own Brompton along, I decided to grill him a bit on the color and finish choices on that fine bike. Well, to my amazement, Chandra and Velouria seem to have similar tastes, since Chandra also went with "the natural look."

Without further comment, look at the photos. The look might not appeal to all, but the brazes visible to all that look appeal to me somehow. If it was not a basic truth that "all the best bikes are red," I might be smitten...

Brompton Rear Triangle. The Little Wheels are for Rolling the Bike When Folded

Close Look at the Brazes at the Head Tube

Brazes and the Mighty Brompton Drive Train


veesee said...

But all the best bikes are red ...

Steve A said...

Veesee, now you know one more reason to go to bike school! If I were teaching, you'd also learn that all the best bike pads are a salmon color, but otherwise, salmon are to be avoided. As you read not long ago, motorist salmon are the worst kind!

Chandra said...

Holy spokes, Steve! When did you take all these pictures? :)

The choice of the natural lacquer was a decision made jointly by my wife and I. My wife has a terminal degree in Metalsmithing and so her opinion matters a lot to me. Plus, she is the CFO at home :)

Good post!

Peace :)

Graham said...

I've been lucky enough to visit the Brompton factory twice now, watching them braze almost all of the frame by hand, the level of skill is amazing.

If you're interested, here are some pictures from that trip -

Ben said...

Nice looking bike! However, I think I would be well immersed in the folding features of a Brompton much more than its color (red is nice though!).

Justin said...

That is a sweet bike. Crazy handlebars.

RANTWICK said...

Black, silver or white are the only accepatable colours for a bicycle. The clear counts as "silver". That is all.


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