Wednesday, September 28

First View of Fall Texas Color

Vibrant Fall Color!
Rantwick, here, threw down a gauntlet. Luckily, we Texians were ready. Instead of the color, shown here (looking the same yesterday as when shot for the original post), we've got REAL Fall color; shown below. Y'all, COME AND TAKE IT!

North Texas Fall Color, Shot Yesterday
MORE North Texas SARAT Color, Shot Yesterday

Typical Current North Texas Fall Color


John Romeo Alpha said...

Topless palm trees always inspire me and remind me of fall. They bring to mind bobbing for apples, and sweaters, and chilly evenings. Thank you for sharing that beautiful specimen.

RANTWICK said...

That "Come and Get It" link was cool.

No offense, my friend, but the King is not exactly shaking in his boots.


limom said...

Poor palm.

Steve A said...

Tell the King I shall have my camera with me next week in the Laurentians; reputedly at their color peak the first week of October.

RANTWICK said...

OK, you've got me scared with the Laurentians. The King is looking like he'll go the same colour as last year (sigh). I need him to give me the yellow orange glow that made me a loyal subject in the first place.

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